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Bison to Tarieli


My husband Tarieli had birthday in April and this time I gave him a picture. This Bison is devoted to him, because it`s characterizing him so well in many ways. Firstly the proverb - Beard is the man`s honor - and secondly, he is strong and stubborn (he doesn`t believe in horoscope, but he is born in Taurus sign). But most importantly, he he recognized himself in this picture!

Bison's clothing style comes from from series "Boardwalk Empire". There is a very cool character, Chalky!

Carnation comes from Nucky Thompson : )

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Wedding Day


New image for Gustav & Auleid series is ready. 


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Barn swallows and Island fox


Barn swallow is the national bird of Estonia and therefore I drew an image with them for our republic birthday (24th February). Proverb is - Everybody loves his homeland.

It was also a cover image for children magazine "Täheke".

And here is another image for proverb series. Image character is Island fox from California Channel Islands and the proverb is - A sense of humor is the pole to balance our steps on the tightrope of life. 

Some inspiration pictures.

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Cat on the beach


One image for Lucky Laika series Gustav & Auleid.

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Here are ...


... some new images I drew for Lucky Laika (proverbs):

A bush doesn't grow berries in winter (Japan)

Presents keep friendship warm (German)

There is always a winner even in monkey`s beauty contest (Arabic)

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Calendars and notebooks are ready ...


...and we are so happy about it : ) We have two types of notebooks - with proverb images and black and white images.

And then of course our two years calendar, unfortunately only in estonian. Instead of 12 pictures and months we offer you 24 pictures and months.

May your 2016 and 2017 years be beautiful and adventurous!

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H. C. Andersen special


Every winter, I draw three images for Black and White fairy tale series. As well as this year. This time I chose H. C. Andersen beautiful stories ...

Snow Queen, ...

... Little Mermaid ...

... and Thumbelina

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Postcards, postcards, postcards


Me and Tarieli love postcards since our childhood. And now we are so lucky - we can create our own postcards!

This summer we had idea of making postcards for tourists. Our aim was to make cool postcard to present Tallinn and Estonia. Same time I tried black-board style which was very fun and also fits with our idea.

These two cards sold so good that in two months all edition was sold out. It encouraged us to continue - Lucky Laika new series "All is black and white".


We also added two word game postcards in estonian - "Drink milk" and "Pilots don`t cry". These are just cool slogans and we plan to make them in English as well.

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Meerkat, tamarin, raccoon and bat


Here are four new proverb images. 

Meerkat and proverb - All`s well that ends well.

Golden Lion Tamarin and proverb - If life gives you lemons make lemonade

Raccoon and proverb - Finders keepers, losers weepers.

Giant Golden Flying Fox and proverb - He who works, gets dirty.


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New proverb image - how a picture is created


"Big nest, big family" is new image in Proverb series. 

Some pictures of how the image developed.

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Brunna and Sofi


Meanwhile I got ready two pictures for Lucky Laika series "Proverbs". This time two cats. First one, Brunna, belongs to my sister. So the picture is devoted to her and the proverb is "Best things come in small packages".

Model with picture.

The other cat is called miss Sofi and she is the winner of our cat photo contest. And the proverb is "Smooth cat, sharp claws".

Real miss Sofi.

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Cone picture for Käbi


Good friends ordered me a picture for their little daughter. I wanted to draw a picture that would mean something to a child specially. But I had no good idea yet. So we agreed that I draw a picture when the child is one year old. 

Little girl got the nickname Käbi (in estonian it means "Cone") because her last name is Mänd (in estonian "Pine"). And from that nickname the idea came. I thought again what to draw. And suddenly my husband had a good idea: "Draw cones!" I liked this idea so much and started to draw immediately. There are so many cool cones! I chose three of them: the most common pine - Scots pine, Siberian pine and Japanese black pine.

Parents liked this picture. I hope that Käbi will like it too : )

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Peeter and Jooram


Meanwhile I got ready two pictures for Lucky Laika series "Proverbs". Both dogs are winners in our dog photo contest. Please meet Peeter and Jooram!

The moment we saw Peeter we knew that pilot's uniform will suit him perfectly. His look was so frank and curious. The proverb is "Have courage and the world Is yours"

Annika send us a photo of Peeter with the picture. It seems that Peeter is satisfied with his picture : )

And  Jooram. When I saw his photo, I knew that I have to make a picture of him : ) Everything was right - look and pose!
And the proverb is - "Good things come to those who wait".

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Summary of my doings


Meanwhile there was a longer pause in my English blog. So here comes a short overview of works that I've been working on lately.

At the end of the year a cool book "Young Estonian Illustrators" was published by Elina Kasesalu. The book contains works of 47 artists, including me.

Me and Elina

My pages

My picture is set for December in 2015 year calendar published by kids magazine "Täheke"  : )

Cover image by Maido Hollo.

Four pictures for Lucky Laika's series "Proverbs". This picture is the 20th of the series and so I've chosen the animals' king for it. And the proverb is: "The word is stronger than the army".

Next is cute little pug named Belladonna. She won our dog photo contest and proverb is "A full stomach makes a happy heart".

I recorded the drawing process. It took me 19 hours to draw the picture which is quite a lot. Some pics are done in 10-15 hours.

Rat is wearing Setu clothing. Proverb - "You reap what you sow".

And finally tricky polecat. Proverb - "Don`t put all your eggs in one basket".

Then I draw three pictures for Lucky Laika's series "Black and white fairy tales"


Little Red Riding Hood

Beauty and the Beast 

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Game "Professions and alphabet" by Lucky Laika


I`m working currently with pictures for series of "Professions and alphabet". I've just finished an illustrator - she looks like me in childhood (look at the birthmark on my right cheek + haircut).

Game "Professions and alphabet" includes 26 learning cards, which are shown in alphabetical order in 26 different professions. Among these there are both - boys and girls and as well as popular professions, traditional and the most fascinating professions. 

The poster is designed for younger children who are still studying the letters. And as the poster  hangs in the nursery room, it will remind letters as child is looking at the pictures.

Meantime, I`ve have completed:

B like Ballerina

D like DJ

F like Fireman

J like Juggler

P like Policeman

Z like Zoologist

There are more images to draw so I keep working : )

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Linnupiim chocolate candies


I found a new product in a shop - small chocolate bar "Linnupiim" made by Estonian Chocolate Factory Kalev. It`s cool to see my drawing in so small size : )

I discovered that I haven`t made ​​a post of "Linnupiim", so here it is!

In 2012 I prepared new packages for chocolate candies "Linnupiim" in collaboration with advertising agency Identity. Cooperation with Ionel, Maret and Egle was very good - thank you guys!

We found that the main character should be a miraculous bird. It was really cool for me to make this, because I like fairy tales so much : ) I drew a picture of the bird in two colors - orange and pink. For two different packages - stuffed vanilla candies and choice of candies.


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New series for Lucky Laika - "Miniveggie"


Lucky Laika new series of "Miniveggie" is ready. Let me present the first four pictures.

In series "Miniveggie" we`ll focus on small and cute vegetables and fruits. Each picture represents one vegetable or fruit. It`s  purely visual series. There`s no subtext, just sincere admiration of nature`s creation. We`re often astonished by the beauty of those when cooking them. We truly eat by our eyes and why not show those beautiful items as pictures. 


This picture is dedicated to our good friend Liine Maasikas ("maasikas" means "strawberry" in estonian), who recently got married and got a new surname!

The most delicious strawberries are medium-size, have a strong aroma and a are brightly colored. Strawberry`s homeland is America. In Europe it is known from the 17th century.

Strawberries are called a symbol of love, forgiveness, and friendship. This is why it is recommended always eat strawberries at wedding.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts is the two perennial herb that is used as vegetables. Brussels sprouts can be dark green, sometimes reddish. This cool vegetable comes from Belgium in 18th century, from where it spread to France, England and America.

Brussels sprouts has a bit stronger and more bitter taste than the usual cabbage. 

Next vegetable is my husband Tarieli`s absolute favorite.


Tomato is botanically a berry.

It comes from South America, Peruvian Indians ate the tomatoes in the 5th century before Christ. It arrived in Europe in the 16th century. At the beginning it was grown as ornamental plant because of the tomato fruits were considered as toxic. In France the tomato became the symbol of the revolution because the red color. Eating a tomato expressed loyalty to the revolutionary groups.

Tomato became popular of the late 1880s when one Naples chef invented a pizza. Pizza prepared in honor of the Queen Margarite Italyan tricolor colors: red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil). Chef named pizza the Pizza Margarite.


Garlic consists of cloves of garlic.

Garlic comes from the Far-East Asia, and the northern part of India. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants, which are  grown for more than 5,000 years. The ancient Egyptians considered garlic so valuable that they put it  in the pharaohs tombs. The ancient Greeks called garlic "stinking a rose" and gave it  for athletes in the Olympic games so that they are strong and durable.

From European folklore comes the belief that garlic keeps vampires away. In Italy is still widespread belief that clove of garlic around the neck of the child protects him from the evil eye.

Garlic is suitable for use both - fresh and dried. It`s a universal spice that is used in all hot dishes, and it is also common in herbal medicine to treat many diseases.

Enjoy! : )

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Textbook and game "Discover My world"


Currently, I`m having a break of illustrating children books. Now I`m fully committed to Lucky Laika for creating new images. But I still like to illustrate - so perhaps I will again work in this field.

Textbook and game "Discover My world" was completed in collaboration with the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People TTÜ project "Diversity Enriches" program. Those were designed to introduce for primary school students diversity and tolerance issues.

I got in the project as an illustrator through the competition : )

Project manager was Helen Kask, textbook author Jane Pokk, game author Triine-Liis Merbach and layout was made by Lii Lensment.

It was especially cool for me to see my first game board. It was great feeling to play game with your own images!

The game includes study-cards on which the child can learn various aids for people with disabilities etc.

Textbook deals with various topics related to the specific characteristics and disabled.

Child can imagine how blind people world looks like, ...

... discover Braille, ...

... try to draw up a plan for his day of pictograms, ...

... try to find the meanings of emotion icons ...

... and try to communicate in sign language.

On the back cover of textbook is printed Estonian alphabet with raised letters. 

Thank you to all who cooperated in this interesting project and helped to make it a reality! I hope it will benefit many children, teaching them to recognize and understand a variety of children.

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Feminine proverbs


Here are two images for Lucky Laika. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Women´s work is never done.

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Fear has big eyes ...


... is next proverb image for Lucky Laika proverb series. And the mouse lemur is perfect to illustrate this proverb as he has huge eyes : )

Drawing this exotic animal isn`t that easy - first sketch reminds more hamster ; )

... now it looks like cat ...

Now it looks already more like mouse lemur or some other creature who is nervous and says: "Omg, omg, omg!!!"

Ears are now very big, eyes are more close to each other, nose is even sharper, knuckles and the tips of the fingers are bigger and some dark hair is added.

And it`s ready!

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Men in fairy tales


I started Lucky Laika fairy tale series with the pictures of three princesses. And I wanted to have then three mighty men. But when I started to look for them in fairy tale, I discovered that it isn`t so easy. There are no so many male characters in well-known fairy tales. Of course, there are brave princes and kings beside women, but they are not so famous. But nontheless I founf three caracters : )

First bad figure - Kashchey the Deathless - is such a stong character and known from several Russian fairy tales. He can fly, turn into raven and it´s hart to kill him - Kaschchey`s life is in the egg, that is in the duck, that is in the hare, that is in the chest, that is on the high oak, that is guarded by Kashchey.

 Little Muck, who beside magical boots and staff finds magical figs that grow and reduce nose and ears.

The Valiant Little Tailor, whose mind is sharp as the needle and who kills seven at one blow and marries the King`s daughter.

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My Mother


I drew a picture of my mother for her birthday. I took her photo, added some flowers and highlights - it was a new style for me to experiment, so it was interesting.

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Blue Tit


A couple of weeks ago I saw a cute blue tit behind my window. This cheerful bright yellow and blue colored spot stayed in my mind. And I thought it would be nice to draw picture of this bird for Lucky Laika (Proverbs series). I wanted to draw two birds, so it had to be a proverb associated with love. I found a suitable proverb - It is good everywhere, but it is the best at home. Me and Tarieli also think like that - we really  like to be at home :) 

I started drawing on the same night, when tragic events took place in Kiev.  Birds' feathers are same colors as Ukrainian flag, so it all became particularly symbolic. One blue tit flew the next day again behind my window, as wanting to see a picture of himself ...

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Here are ...


... some of my works, which I did last year. But I didn't had time to add them in my english blog. So here they are.

1. Fairy tale images for Lucky Laika

I`ve loved fairy tales since I was a child. Brother Grimms and H. C. Andersen stories have always been my favorites. But my one and only love is "Snow White".

Elina Sildre`s photo of me as Snow White : )

I started to wonder how to illustrate my favorite fairy tale ...

... it took time.

But then I realized that character's fate must be somehow bound with the character. So I added it on the Princess dress.

Snow White

Sleeping Beauty


2. Cover image for "Täheke"

In December I made cover image for children magazine "Täheke". And Taavi Liivo made animation digital version of this magazine.

3. Coloring book for children

In the beginning of October came out little coloring book for children "Yummy vegetables". It´s the sequel for the workbook "My vegetable garden". Children will meet there old friends: Miss Carrot, Aunt Cabbage and Beet Boy.

Workbook presentation took place in family fair "Child and Family". They had created a exhibition box with my picture. It was great to see my picture so big on the wall. 

And I also like the slogan: "5 handfuls of vegetables per day".

Children could color and eat fresh vegetables at the same time : )

4. Children book "Tansy Eva and Mountain Hugo"

My new children book (author Janne Järva) came out in October. The story is about ladybirds and spiders. But also about kindness, friendship and love. Action takes place in Estonia and in Argentina. 

Let me introduce you ladybird Eva, ...

... uncle Endel (one of my favorites), ...

... Madam Virve, ...

... and Hummingbird Jako. There are more characters, of course.

I added some patterns to distinguish Estonia and Argentina.

Some spots are covered with varnish.

5. Proverb images for Lucky Laika

A dream is sweeter than honey

Rowing slower will get you further

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Happy new year!


2013 was exciting and good year for me. I haven't done it before but I thought it would be nice to see how many projects I made this year.

So here are my works:

* 5 exhibitions. Lucky Laika exhibition "Proverbs" took place in four different places (Russian Drama Theater, Tallinn Toom Club, Ilon`s Wonderland and Rakvere Theater). I also took part in group exhibition "Crossover Stories".

* Illustrations for 4 children's books

* Illustrations for 2 workbooks

* 13 images for Lucky Laika

* 2 images for children magazine "Täheke"

Total 122 images. It is my first year as freelance illustrator and I think it is a good start : ) Will see what happens in this year. 

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My first image in "Täheke"


"Täheke" is Estonian magazine for children and it has been published for more than 50 years. It was my first favorite magazine in childhood and my favorite illustrator was Elle Tikerpäe. So I`m very proud to step next to my Idol. 

My illustration for Teachers Day.

Elle Tikerpäe`s cover image for "Täheke".

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Welcome to micro world!


New children`s book "Let`s go, Fireflies!", author Liina Ellik, is ready. In this book I use photo backgrounds. In summer I took lot of photos of small details and found my own micro world in North-Tallinn.

Liina`s wish was that the whole page was covered with image. I wanted to create realistic forest floor with many details and small elements. There are 22 pages in the book and I knew that it would take a lot of time to draw. So I decided to "paint" with photos. Seawater became forest river and I even found the wild strawberries in the Kopli Park. 

Strawberries and asphalt : )

Layout is by Lii Lensment - she added beautiful text clouds. The story is about journey and book format (landscape) gives the feeling of wandering.


Liina composed music for this book and gave out the CD as well.

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Birthday pattern


Some time ago I figured out how to make a pattern. In October we celebrate our firm Lucky Laika second birthday - so we needed something like this : ) 


Examples with different colours.

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New image for Lucky Laika is ready. It`s third image for Gustav & Auleid. G&A series is dedicated to our grandparents - my grandgrandfather was Gustav and Tarieli`s grandfather was Auleid.

Summer is hot and I like to drink ice coffee when I`m working : )

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Vegetables are good


A workbook for kids with my illustrations was published several weeks ago. There are three fun characters: Miss Carrot, Aunt Cabbage and Beet Boy. For this workbook I drew: 7 carrots, 2 beets, 9 cabbages, 4 tomatos, 6 onions, 1 watermelon, 2 apples, 2 plums, 1 perry, 1 broccoli and 1 zucchini : )

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Olivia Lipartia,